This 16 mm short film, has been carried out during MFA's study at the NSCAD University, during the winter semester 2017. For this project Lévana worked with a young experimental musician and sound designer name's Nicolas Pajusco to create the sound effect of Overflow. This first Experimental film, was aimed to analyze the link between an abstract narration, and the materiality of the 16mm's film. The images was created with this idea to reveal ; First a contradiction with shooting-time and the visual perception of time. Second a contradiction between the images and the storytelling. Those contradictions suggest several possibilities to understand the story as well as to imagine the landscape of the abstract place which is describe here. The sound was thought as a way to provoke an immersion in order to include the viewer  to  the art work. 

Overflow, 2017, B&W 16mm film, 4'56''.

Image and scenario ; Lévana Schütz

Sound design ; Nicolas Pajusco.

© Lévana Schütz. Tous droits réservés

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