Face à face, les voix bâillonnées

2020 / Face to face in the desert, painted wood, cable, variable dimension. exhibition view : "Tranchante l’aurore" at In.plano, L'Île-Saint-Denis .

As we built home

2018-2020 / As we built home, 16 mm, digital file, B&W, 4:3, stereo, loop, variable dimension.

Sound design & mix : Nicolas Pajusco.

Shot in a fourniture factory in l'Yonne, France, 2018.

人形 椅子, The Puppet Chair

2019 / 人形椅子, The puppet chair, 16mm and 8mm, digital file, B&W, 16:9, stereo, 5’01’’,  variable dimension.

directed by : Lévana Schütz,

Music and mix : Nicolas Pajusco,

Performers : Alexis Chrun, Tania Gheerbrant, Joon Yoo, Sonia Morin,

Production : L’école des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Exhibition view from "Félicita-2019" at Palais des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Danse de noce

2018 / Danse de noce, 16mm, color, loop, optical sound, stereo.

Extract from a documentary film from the 70's, partially erased revealing the last layer of yellow emulsion. 

Chambres doubles & La bascule

2018 / Chambres Doubles, diapositive installation, bench, polyurethan foam, polyester print, variable dimension.

2018 / La Bascule, super 8, B&W, color, 4:3, installation with two super 8 projectors, 4’.

Prochainement sur cet écran

2018 - 2019 / Prochainement sur cet écran, 16mm, super 8, B&W, loop, variable dimension.

Exhibition view from "Final" at Palais des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Aquí com allà

2018 / Aquí Com Allà, residency solo show, Es Baluard museu, Mallorca. Curator : Nekane Aramburu.

This exhibition showcases the work undertaken by Lévana Schütz during her residency in Mallorca, which has taken place within the framework of the transnational project «The Spur- ETACEC 1618», promoted by Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani, Girona. In addition to Es Baluard, the residency of Lévana Schütz has been carried out thanks to the collaboration with Addaya Centre d’Art Contemporani.

The home of our lives

2016 / The Home of our lives, digital print on tiles, 33X33cm. View from the Bachelor show, at Beaux-Arts de Paris.